In those cases a cycle would refer to the highest clock frequency which is typically that provided to the graphics system. So, for example, there was often an exact number of CPU cycles per video frame. As you point out, for systems with multiple clocks the notion of a cycle doesn't make any real sense.

[Tracker] PowerLauncher cycles high CPU usage · Issue I'm having the same problem here, PowerLauncher spikes the cpu usage to 70% - 80% and it almost uses 50% of the cpu constantly jyuwono changed the title [Tracker] PowerLauncher cycles high CPU usage [Tracker] PowerLauncher cycles high CPU and memory usage Jun 2, 2020 Rendering — Cycles is Blender’s ray-trace based production render engine. Unidirectional path tracing with multiple importance sampling; Multi-core CPU rendering with SIMD acceleration Determining which Java thread is consuming CPU cycles on This technotes shows how to determine which thread(s) is consuming the CPU cycles when a Java process has high CPU usage for an extended period of time on a Solaris system. This technote uses the data gathered from technote # 1115625, titled: "MustGather: 100% CPU Usage on Solaris". For educational purposes, the data that is used in this particular example is included at the end of the … GPU Rendering — Blender Manual

A cycle generally refers to a clock cycle (a single tick of the internal clock.) Cycles per second are also called Hertz, or Hz, thus a 2 GHz CPU (two gigahertz) goes through 2,000,000,000 cycles every second. Some instructions on a CPU take multiple cycles to execute, and optimization means in most cases multiple instructions are executed in a single cycle

You can use the RDTSC CPU instruction (assuming x86). This instruction gives the CPU cycle counter, but be aware that it will increase very quickly to its maximum value, and then reset to 0. As the Wikipedia article mentions, you might be better off using the QueryPerformanceCounter function. The CPU Performance Equation

Perf Tool: Performance Analysis Tool for Linux

Chapter 4 Flashcards | Quizlet CPU-bound jobs (such as printing a series of documents) have many brief CPU cycles and long I/O cycles. False A(n) ____ is created by a process, and it can … Understanding Operating System CH 4 Flashcards | Quizlet Most computer programs alternate between CPU cycles and I/O cycles.Most computer programs alternate between CPU cycles and I/O cycles. False. CPU-bound jobs (such as printing a series of documents) have many brief CPU cycles and long I/O cycles. True. As a process moves through the system, its status changes. Possible process statuses include Average CPU Cycles: Check Average CPU Usage For Any Oct 04, 2011 Finding a simple answer to harnessing unused CPU cycles