Batch Script - NET USE - Connects or disconnects your computer from a shared resource or displays information about your connections.

Net use | Microsoft Docs /persistent: {yes | no} Controls the use of persistent network connections. The default is the setting used last. Deviceless connections are not persistent. Yes saves all connections as they are made, and restores them at next logon. No does not save the connection being made or subsequent connections. Existing connections are restored at the NET USE したネットワークドライブに次回ログオン時に再接続し … ちなみに persistent が yes だと、次回ログオン時に再接続しに行きますし、no だと再接続しません。 ちょっと調べてみたところでは、Windows 的には “persistent:yes” がデフォルトらしいです。 net use persistent:no

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Careers | Persistent Systems Explore career opportunities and exciting jobs at Persistent! Check out how we work hard to improve employee experience on a continuous basis. Visit Careers At Persistent today. 4.5. Persistent Connections - HTTP: The Definitive Guide Many HTTP/1.0 browsers and servers were extended (starting around 1996) to support an early, experimental type of persistent connections called keep-alive connections.These early persistent connections suffered from some interoperability design problems that were rectified in later revisions of HTTP/1.1, but many clients and servers still use these earlier keep-alive connections.

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Windows 10 Does Not Reconnect Mapped Network Drives [Fix] Steve . I read your article with interest. My problem is different: I have a windows 10 pc and a symbology nas on a gigabit Ethernet. There are several shares attached … Commande NET USE & lecteurs réseaux - Comment Ça Marche Bonjour, Pas de soucis, j'arrive à faire ça mais en fait le partage que je veux mapper n'est pas accessible par tous. Je voudrais d'abord vérifier dans quel groupe Active Directory est l'utilisateur (j'ai un script qui marche mais il est en VBS, et un .VBS n'exécute pas NET USE).