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Secure Your Wifi Connection – How To Lock Out Wifi Product description. Block WiFi Freeloader is a powerful, simple and free network tool. Do you It's designed to monitor your WiFi connected devices and protect your WiFi security. devices who are using your WiFi network and causing your network speed slow, and further cut out WiFi … 7 Simple Tips to Secure Your Router and Wi-Fi Network in Apr 30, 2018

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Within that tab, scroll down and select Wi-Fi. Inside the Wi-Fi settings page, make sure that the Wi-Fi is on and then select UCONN-SECURE. After selecting UCONN-SECURE, on the SIGN IN page enter your NetID in the User name text box and you NetID password in the Password text box. Once the credentials are entered, click the Done button to connect.

Accessing the internet isn't normally a problem when you're inside the confines of your own home—it's secure, it's easy to connect to, and it's relatively uncongested—unless the whole family How to Secure WiFi - Quick Heal